Mark Zuckerberg Defends Rights of FACEBOOK Users to Publish Holocaust Denials

Mark Zuckerberg, also known as The Zucc, Lord Zucc and the Emperor of Facebook, world’s largest social media platform, is now making headlines for something as basic as defending free speech. You see, it’s the current year, yet Mark is a US citizen, born and bred in the land of the free, home of the brave, where the first amendment in the Constitution is about freedom of expression and the 2nd protects the first.

However, we live in a world where instant communication also means instant censorship and suppression of dissenting views, hence when Mark Zuckerberg defended Facebook users’ rights to express themselves freely with regard to controversial topics (that’s why he have free speech after all, to defend the right of people to express unpopular ideas), leftists/social justice warriors were triggered beyond belief.

The Zucc gave an ample  interview for Recode, where he explained that (shockingly enough) Facebook allows so-called far-right conspiracy theories to be distributed on their platform. However, wrong think is still censored heavily via shadow-banning, i.e. Facebook’s algorithms drastically reduce the distribution of that sort of content. So they don’t actually censor dissent on Facebook (not all the time at least), they just muffle it, see. Zuckerberg was accused in the past of allowing people questioning the official narrative about the holocaust, to propagate their revisionist theories on his platform. Despite being himself of Jewish origins, the Zucc said that he doesn’t have a problem with that,because he didn’t believe, let me quote, “they’re intentionally getting it wrong”.

The correct answer would have been “because free speech, commie”. However, Mark Zuckerberg promised that Facebook will start taking down posts that may inspire people to engage in violence, as a response to the tragic events that took place recently in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, where people were attacked after Facebook groups spread rumors that led to physical violence inflicted upon various individuals.

The problem is that the people who perpetrate violence (ISIS, leftist groups like Antifa, etc) will have succeeded in censoring all speech which opposes them.  In other words, the more violent a group is, the more successful they will be on social media. Though I generally think Mark is an idiot, and he edits posts based on his own political motivations, I have to commend him for not being bullied into taking down either Infowars or “Holocaust denial.” Something should not be taken down just because you oppose its political ideas or programming. And CNN, WSJ, NYT, WaPo, are ALL full of conspiracy theories…”Russian Collusion” being one they all have in common. If you take down Infowars, you must also take down NPR.
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