Marvel snuck the Avengers Initiative onto Google Play a few days ago to very little fanfare. I assume they didn’t want anyone to notice their poor handling of the game or the fact they put out a broken game 3 months late… who knows for sure. Either way it’s out now so keep reading to see what I think of the debacle of a game. Have you ever played Glu Mobile’s Blood & Glory? Well the Avengers Initiative is basically Blood & Glory with Marvel Characters. You get to battle some of the evilest villains around, upgrade your superheroes, and you get episodic content which should keep the game fresh for quite some time. Sound pretty cool when you think about it, and the game would be if it actually worked. A few of the issues users are experiencing include Force Close issues, long download times, lag, and invisible enemies which I’m guessing are pretty damned hard to fight. Some of the issues can be chalked up to ‘shit happens’ but there are far too many for it to be a simple coincidence. In other words it looks like Marvel made us wait months for a game that still isn’t ready to be released. Shame on you Marvel, you should know better. I’ve always felt like Android users are kind of like the “red headed stepchild” that gets ignored over the prettier, more popular sister known as iOS. Marvel proved that with the release of The Avengers Initiative for Android and made it worse by not only putting it out extremely late, but also putting it out broken. I’ve actually followed this whole thing for a while now and as a long time Marvel fan I’ve been really disappointed by the way they’ve handled things. Anyone who’s browsed their Facebook page knows what I’m talking about as Android fans have been pretty irate. If you want to drop 5 bucks on a game that’s got a 50/50 chance of working you can pick up Marvel’s the Avengers Initiative on Google Play.

The Avengers Initiative


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