Marvel’s Avengers Initiative still has No release Date for Android

Normally I stick to covering games that are released, but as a long time Marvel fan I thought it was time I say something about The Avengers Initiative Android game or lack thereof. Last month Marvel announced that this “awesome game” would be coming to iOS and Android devices at the same time, and while iOS got the game we got the shaft as usual… Video games getting delayed usually isn’t that big of a deal and it happens quite frequently. What’s unusual about The Avengers Initiative is the fact that it’s a big company like Marvel and they hyped the hell out of the game before it was set to be released. So what have they said about the delay? Absolutely nothing… Actually we’ve gotten a “coming soon” message for close to a month now and no official word about why it was delayed, when it will be out or anything else. I’m not the only one irritated by the situation either as you’ll quickly noticed when you go to the official site which is actually the official Facebook page for the game. There have been quite a few posts from Marvel since this started, but no matter how many fans bitch or become irate they’ve stayed Mute on the matter and will only tell us “coming soon”. As irritated as Android fans are iOS fans got a little taste of bitter last week when Marvel announced the 7 dollar game is on sale for half price around 2 weeks after its release to promote the Avengers DVD/Blu Ray release. Marvel basically dropped a deuce on its fans heads with the Avengers Initiative and I for one am more than a little disappointed. If you want to see Hulk Smash on your Android device I encourage you to let them know via their Facebook page and maybe, just maybe we’ll get a release date before 2013 rolls around.

Avengers Initiative/Marvel XP Official Facebook Page

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