Master Melodies with Pulse from Cipher Prime Studios

Screenshot_2013-06-19-11-56-59The Humble Android Bundle 6 dropped yesterday, and while I was extremely excited to finally play Frozen Synapse, the game that really hooked me was Pulse from Cipher Prime Studios.Screenshot_2013-06-19-12-07-32Pulse is a tap-based music game that’s designed around concentric circles and trippy visuals. Each level presents you with a series circles and a glowing ring that pulsates outward to the beat of each track. As the song rolls along you’ll start to see dots pop up, and you’ll tap them to generate a beat. The goal is to tap the dots as the pulsating ring hits them, and if you manage to pull it off you’re rewarded with colorful visuals. If your timing is off, the color fades away. The gameplay is simple, but extremely difficult depending on the track. As for the tracks there are a slew of them. There are around 26 tracks that vary in length, range, and difficulty. Each is a little harder than the last, and they all suit the game perfectly. There are no high scores or achievements, but there’s plenty of depth as it’s going to take you a long time to get a perfect score on every track in the game.Screenshot_2013-06-19-12-08-51Music games that have you tap to the beat have been done to death, but Cipher Prime Studios managed to do something different with Pulse. The visuals are truly stunning, and if use a set of headphones you’re going to lose yourself for hours. At the moment, Pulse is only available for Android through the Humble Android Bundle 6, and while it may move on to Google Play, we never know until the sale ends. It’s a game we highly recommend, and if you want to check it out you can hit up the link below and pick up the Humble Android Bundle 6.

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