metal slug 2 If you’re wondering what happened to the second chapter of Metal Slug game series for Android especially after seeing Metal Slug 1 and Metal Slug 3 already available on Google Play, wonder no more. With no explanation or whatsoever, SNK released Metal Slug 2 for Android. Available now as a paid app just like the other two Metal Slug games, Metal Slug 3 which will cost you $4 is said to be a perfect port of the NEOGEO Metal Slug 2 game. The Classic Mode of the game were ported perfectly. Plus an additional “Mission Mode” is also playable and lets you select which stage you want to play. The game also allows you to train in your favorite stage or on a stage which gave you a hard time to complete. Additionally, Metal Slug 2 also gives you 2 new female recruits as playable characters. There will also be a prisoner in the game whom you can free and will then fight alongside you. Also, there will be a volunteer who will give you bonus items along the way. Other features of Metal Slug 2 worth noting include:

  • new weapons and slugs such as “Laser Shot”, “Flame Bottles”
  • vehicles such as “Slugnoid”, “Slug Flyer” and “Came Slug”
  • autofire control feature
  • cooperative gameplay
  • compatibility with “SCORE LOOP”

Metal Slug 2 is available now from Google Play and requires devices running Android 2.3.3 or later.

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