Metal Slug X, a remake of Metal Slug 2 comes available for Android

metal slug x For all of you Metal Slug fans, here comes another title in addition to Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, and Metal Slug 3. The new title called Metal Slug X is actually the updated version of Metal Slug 2. This time around the game has more elements that all add up to more fun and excitement in playing this all-time favorite 2D arcade shooter. According to SNK, Metal Slug X Android game is a perfect port of the same title which fans enjoyed in the NEOGEO Port. As such, you’ll be facing bosses and other enemy characters at different points on the battlefield. This means that even if you have perfected the game before in Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X will offer a new level of fun and enjoyment. This game even comes with an improved map, new weapons including the “Iron Lizard,” “Drop Shot,” and the “Enemy Chaser” or homing missiles. Other features of Metal Slug X include selectable missions even if you have cleared them already via the “Mission Mode,” precise and customizable controls such as autofire function, “Score Loop” compatibility, and multiplayer via Bluetooth. Metal Slug X is available from Google Play for $3.65.

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