MightyText Android App Available in Beta, it's iMessage for Android

I remember a friend telling me that the reason why he won’t switch to Android from iPhone is because he can’t afford not to have the iOS app, iMessage. For those who are not aware, iMessage is an app that lets you send messages to other iPhone users over Wi-Fi. Now, I’m planning to tell this friend of mine that he can now switch to Android because of the new app called MightyText which functions like iMessage and even has other nice features. What is it? What it does? MightyText lets you send and receive SMS text messages from your computer which is synched with your Android number and Android phone. That’s right, this is one of the nice things about MightyText, you don’t need to get a new number as it will work with your existing one. The app sends you SMS notifications on computer right after an SMS has reached your Android phone. It also gives you missed call alert, call logs and SMS popup. The service is free as well and you will charge only of the normal rate for sending SMS by your carrier. How Does Mighty Text Works? To get you started in using Mighty Text, you need to download the app and install it on your Android phone. Then you will be asked to connect a Gmail account to the app. This Gmail account should be the one you use for your Android phone. Once this is done, you need visit the MightyText web app or install the Google Chrome plugin. From either of these two apps, you can read SMS sent to your Android phone even if you don’t have your device near you. That’s how simple this app works. No complicated settings, no tedious process to fulfill to make it work. MightyText Android app is available now as a free download on Google Play.

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