Mini Game Madness with MiniGame Paradise from Com2uS


MiniGame Paradise is a collection of 11 mini-games put out by the folks at Com2uS. It’s definitely not the company’s typical style of game, but if you like cute characters, mini-games, and lots of achievements MiniGame Paradise is an Android game you’re probably going to want check out.

Gameplay & Features

When you first fire up MiniGame Paradise you’ll start out in a “house” that you and your friends will use to train your characters. You can hit the Game tab to check out the mini-games, there are 11 in all but you’ll start out with 4 and can unlock more with stars earned through gameplay. The mini-games vary from one to the next; some will have you busting blocks to go deeper while others have you dodging objects and jumping over cute little animals. All the games are played by simply tapping the screen so anyone should be able to pick up MiniGame Paradise and start playing right away. The game has leaderboards, achievements, and a store to let you buy stars if you don’t feel like earning them. The furniture and levels seem to cost quite a bit to unlock, but the Star prices don’t seem to be too out there. I wasn’t able to earn many during gameplay, but I also didn’t play that long so I’m reserving judgment on the star earning/buying ratio for now.


Com2uS seems to have another solid game on their hands, and while it isn’t necessarily my cup of tea I’m positive others will really enjoy the concept. MiniGame Paradise looks to be a good title for the younger crowd as it’s very easy to play and the graphics are very Sanrio-esque. I do plan on taking a closer look at the game as a whole as I’m curious to see how much depth there is and how hard it is to unlock the mini-games and furniture without using the in-app purchasing system. Com2uS released another similar game called Puzzle Family the day before MiniGame Paradise; you can check out our quick review of that game as well. If you’d like to give MiniGame Paradise a go you can pick it up for free on Google Play.  

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