Miniclip has been on a tear lately, and a few days ago they gave us another slick Android game called Siege Hero. This time around you get to tear down castles as you wreak havoc across three different ages. Siege Hero is a physics-based castle destroying game that takes a different approach to things from the rest of the crowd. You’re not going to fling arrows from a slingshot or launch boulders with a catapult; instead you’ll throw boulders with your finger by simply tapping the area you want to hit. You basically want to kill any enemies in or around the structures in as few shots as possible. As you already know bringing down towers isn’t always easy, but you will get some help along the way from a few cool contraptions like the telescope which lets you zoom in on the action. I haven’t counted them yet, but Siege Hero has a ton of levels; there are around 60 or so in the fortress age which puts us at around 180 if the age of discovery and age of pirates follow suit.


Miniclip made me a fan of their Android games with the awesomeness known as Hambo, and it looks like Siege Hero is going to be just as good if not better. I’ve not been able to spend a lot of time with the game yet, but plan on trying to burn through a few ages over the weekend so I can get a full review up. If you enjoy strategy games or physics-flingers you’ll definitely want to give Siege Hero a go. You can download and play the whole game for free, but if you want to unlock all the worlds from the jump you can do that by buying the “full version” for $1.05.

Siege Hero

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