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Miniclip releases Pictorial for Android

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There are tons of Puzzle games in the Android Market, and a new one from MiniClip called Pictorial is one you’ll want to note if you enjoy the genre. Pictorial takes puzzling to new heights, literally as you’ll solve puzzles made out of stars. The premise behind Pictorial is simple; you‘re given a constellation of stars in the sky which you’ll rotate using your fingers. As you rotate the stars lines will start to appear and a picture will slowly start to emerge. When you it close enough the stars will “lock in” forming the hidden picture and you’ll get to advance to the next level. It’s basically special reasoning at its finest, and it’s surprisingly fun to play. I say surprisingly because you generally see these types of puzzles on pre-employment tests and think why the hell this is on here. Pictorial has 60 levels set across two different worlds and two different modes of difficulty with easy and hard. There aren’t any real extras to speak of but there is a hint button on each level which makes the game extremely easy and tends to take the fun out of things if you use it too often.


Pictorial is a nice little puzzler with a great premise, but it can be a little too easy at times. I’m no rocket scientist, but I was able to blow through the first 20 puzzles without the cheat button in right around 5 minutes or less. I do tend to think outside the box, so I might just be an awesome special reasoned who knows. The game is marked as “free” but you’ll only get 60 levels for free, and it will cost you $0.99 cents to unlock the rest of the game. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up Pictorial for free on Google Play.