Personal Finance App Comes Available for Android Tablets

For those who use their Android tablet for everyday purposes, one of the things that you possibly need is a good financial planning application. Guess what? You’ll now have a very good option available from the Android Market and it’s courtesy of For the unaware, is a pretty established online personal finance software service from Intuit, Inc. The service boasts of almost 8 million users using its free and intelligent way of managing money. The Android app is a pretty good app too aside from the fact that is comes available as a free download from the Android Market. The Android app brings the service into the hands of Android tablet users and provides an efficient way of transforming financial transactions into easy-to-read graphs. So, by using this app, you’ll have a clear picture of your overall spending by category or by data range. The Android tablet app lets you do the following as well:

  • see a complete overview of your finances, review account balances and categorize transactions automatically
  • use graphs to drill into spending by category such as food, clothing, and travel
  • track spending through personalized budgets
  • stream delivery of account alerts, bill reminders and personalized advice
  • enter cash transactions while on the move
  • find specific transactions or purchases by merchant, category or tags
  • store information from the latest download for easier viewing of finances, anytime, anywhere. Personal Finance Android app is available now from the Android Market for free.
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