There are countless Endless Runner games on Google Play, but Boney The Runner is the first skeleton based runner I’ve played. You’d think that Boney the skeleton wouldn’t have much to run from being as he’s dead and all, but that’s not the case as dogs love bones and skeletons are full of them. The goal of any Endless Runner is to basically stay alive while going for as long as possible and Boney The Runner is no different. You’ll have to leap over crypts to stay ahead of the pack, and all it takes is one little slip up before you become a dog treat. Coins are scattered throughout the world which makes things a bit trickier as you’ll likely end up screwing up a jump while you’re going for coins. You will get a bit of assistance in the form of boosts though which can increase your jumping & climbing ability or prolong your Boney Power. Boney The Runner also lets you mix potions in-between levels for a boost, and there are over 30 different themed heads you can pop onto our Boney hero. As usual, everything can be purchased with coins earned during the game or you can buy a coin pack if you want to get ahead. Boney The Runner is a nice little endless runner with a lot of style and plenty of unlockables. Watching Boney try to escape the dogs was quite a bit of fun, and I even felt a little bad when they caught up with him and started chowing down.  If you’d like to help Boney escape those hungry mutts you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Boney The Runner for free.

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