Mobage releases History Attacks for Android

Card Battling games are all the rage on Android right now, and Mobage has done more of them than anyone. History Attacks is their latest card battler, and I’m very happy to say it’s something different from the rest of their catalog and quite a bit of fun to boot.history attacks for android History Attacks lets you battle with and against famous people from different times throughout history. You don’t go back into history to fight either; instead you’re using holograms of famous folk stored on cards which is your way of taking down the nefarious Doctor Voigt. Yup, there’s a storyline and it’s an interesting one. As for the battles you’ll see the likes of Caesar, Napoleon, and Frankenstein just to name a few. Yes, I just put Frankenstein and Julius Caesar in the same sentence, and that’s not the only odd pairing you’ll find in the game. Remember how I mentioned History Attacks was a bit different from Mobage’s previous titles? History Attacks uses Poker as the method of its madness, and if you’ve ever played video poker, you’ll have no issue picking up on the battle system quickly. History Attacks is the first Mobage title I’ve picked up in a while, and after spending some time with the game I’m glad I did. The whole Poker aspect of the game is a blast and makes the battle more fun than they’d normally be; the vast array of characters is pretty awesome as well and something you’ve just got to see for yourself. I’ll have a full review of this one next week; if you want to give it a go now you can pick up Mobage’s History Attacks for free on Google Play.

History Attacks


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