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Mobelux releases Instapaper for Android

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If you do read and browse a lot of web pages you’re in for a treat as Mobelux has just released Instapaper for Android. If you’re not familiar with this wonderful app, Instapaper is a simple Android app that allows you to save web pages for offline reading and it’s extremely handy to have if you do a lot of reading. Instapaper is the perfect app for all those times you find a cool article online, but just don’t have the time to read it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across a great piece of news just have it lost to memory 15 minutes later when I’m doing something else. Yeah you can e-mail or sms a link to the article to yourself, but Instapaper makes things a breeze with its smart features and easy to use interface. Instapaper saves most web pages as text only while stripping away the layouts which optimizes things for your phone and tablets screen. Every article or page you download will also be available “offline” which means you can go back and read something if you’re on a plane or in an area with no service or Wi-Fi. You’re also given the ability to organize things in folders, adjust the font/text size, and can download up to 500 articles on your phone or tab to go along with unlimited storage on the Instapaper website.


Instapaper is a great app that’s simple to use, and it should be very popular now that we’ve got it on Android. I used this on iOS awhile back, and while the Android version is great it does feel a little off at times; I can’t quite put my finger on it, but as of now I liked the iOS version better.  That being said, the developers have already stated that the Android version doesn’t have all the same features as the iOS version, but they are hard at work trying to add those and you’ll get them in the form of free updates in the future. There’s no free version off Instapaper to try at the moment, but the full version can be all yours for only $2.99. You can pick up Mobelux’s Instapaper on Google Play at the link below.