Mobile Ads Are the Future of Digital Marketing

In the past few years, smartphone internet usage overtook desktop internet usage on the top of the list. Nearly 3.5 billion people are preferring mobile phones to desktops and laptops when it comes to internet use and it’s easy to see why. The screen-to-body ration of smartphones is constantly growing, the phones are getting faster, and the fact you can just surf the internet while waiting alone at a bus station or when you’re bored at work also goes in favor of smartphones. They’re a much more convenient way of surfing the web and digital marketing agencies such as 2o are loving it.

According to experts, an annual 30% increase in mobile usage is expected during the next few years. As times change and we’re moving from large to smaller screens, it means that digital marketing will definitely be going in that direction. Digital marketing agencies are already switching to mobile ads and it seems it won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Experts say that native ads will be the leading type of ads in the future. This type of creative marketing allows placing ads that fit the content naturally, matching the style and design of the app. Native ads are constantly evolving, and we’re not too far away from a time where they won’t be disrupting the user experience anymore. They may essentially become ‘invisible’ in the future, which is great news for marketers.

Of course, we can expect in-app and in-game advertising to grow as well. When’s the last time you’ve played an Android game without watching a mandatory video while you’re in the middle of things? It may be annoying, but that’s what you get for playing the game free – after all, developers should earn some money, right?

The good news is that experts are hard at work on fixing the interruptions. Mobile ads can easily be integrated into gameplay in the form of short commercials or something more intuitive. For example, Rodeo Stampede gives players huge in-game benefits in return for watching a short ad. You can unlock new missions by watching a 30-second add or double your coins. It’s a great way of monetizing games while not disrupting their natural flow.

Some experts say that the future of mobile advertising lies in virtual reality devices and apps. As more and more of these devices hit the market, they definitely represent a huge potential for digital marketing. Giants such as Google are already working on prototype virtual reality ads that could come sooner than expected. Virtual reality and augmented reality ads have a great potential and could become a billion-dollar industry in just a few years. Considering how the prices of VR goggles are dropping these days, VR ads might come ahead of schedule.

Digital marketing is evolving as technology does. We spend about half of the day (some spend even more!) on our smartphones, and most of us have already ditched the desktop. With emerging mobile platforms and the widespread availability of Android devices, mobile ads are the future of digital marketing.

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