How Mobile Apps Have Revolutionised the Auto Industry

Last year, the popularity of mobile apps was said to be a record high and it’s since showed no signs of slowing down. When most people think about apps, they think games, entertainment and online shopping. However, as technology has become smarter, it’s helped to revolutionise numerous sectors, including the auto industry.

Auto apps deliver wide range of benefits

Initially, auto apps started out basic. They enabled users to find, compare and review cars before they decided whether or not to buy. However, developments in technology have delivered a whole new range of apps, enhancing in-car entertainment, providing accurate GPS capabilities and giving users access to their car’s manual and troubleshooting guide.

Manufacturers have also discovered apps can provide unique marketing opportunities. Audi took full advantage of the digital revolution, developing a game-changing app to coincide with its Start/Stop technology.

The high-end brand introduced its impressive Start/Stop technology in its newer model’s engines. Designed to help save fuel and lower carbon emissions, the engines intuitively stop at traffic lights and can be started again at the push of the accelerator.

To highlight the usefulness of this awesome technology, Audi created an app which detects any open applications not in use. The app then sends out a notification to the user to close these apps, in turn saving battery power and improving the efficiency of the smartphone. It’s a clever idea and manages encourage users to buy its newer models indirectly; something consumers prefer these days.

Google has also launched useful Android based apps specifically designed for auto users. Its Android Auto, gives drivers the ability to safely use parts of their phone while they’re driving.

Helping you make wiser buying choices

Perhaps the main benefit of the most recent auto apps, is the fact they can help you make the best purchase decisions. As well as being able to read reviews and compare different makes and models, there’s apps available which let you check the history of the vehicle.

Checking the history of a used car using a reliable company such as HPI Limited, enables you to see whether it’s worth investing in. You’ll see how many owners the car has had, whether it’s been listed as stolen, if there’s any outstanding finance on it, along with its service history.

This type of check is vital if you don’t want to end up literally throwing your money away. For example, if it’s found there is outstanding finance on the car, if you were to buy it the car wouldn’t actually be yours. You would also be responsible for paying the remaining finance off.

Overall, apps really have revolutionised the auto industry. As technology continues to advance, it’s likely manufacturers will develop even more intuitive ways to connect and aid drivers. If you aren’t already using the clever auto apps available, now is definitely a good time to check them out. Whether you need help choosing a vehicle, you’d like to improve your in-car entertainment system, or whether you’d like to ensure a car is legal and safe to buy; there’s an app which can help.

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