Mobivention has put out a wide variety of games over the past year from Backgammon games to Spin the Bottle. Their newest release Diamond Crusher takes on the match-3 genre and puts players to work crushing scores of diamonds. As with most match 3 style games your goal in Diamond Crusher is to match diamonds up by scanning the board and finding 2 or more jewels of the same color together. Once you find the matches, you touch them and they get “crushed” which in turn drops down any jewels above the crushed ones. All the jewels will give you points except for the black ones which will cost you points if you crush those. You need to crush around 75% of the board to win and get your final score. You can also set the “mode” up for specific times which adds an element of difficulty to the game as you only have a certain amount of time to crush the 75% and get your score. Gamers will have a high-score table and Openfeint to track their progress through the game and measure their scores against the best.

Diamond Crusher is a simple match-3 game that’s a little sparse, but still a good way to kill some time. The free version gives you everything we’ve gone over while the paid Gold version for $1.79 removes ads and gives players three extra modes with Gravity, Shifter, and Blob. Both versions of Mobivention’s Diamond Crusher can be found in the Android market.

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