Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nations out Now for Android

Fans of the Modern Combat series can finally rest easy as last night Gameloft finally dropped a little Android game called Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. People have been waiting for this game for awhile so the expectations are pretty high for this action-packed FPS. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation gives players a 13-mission solo campaign that spans the globe from Los Angeles to Pakistan. As you battle your way through the game you’ll do escort missions, fly helicopters, chase down enemies, and most importantly destroy a lot of things. Solo campaigns are always nice, but as a lot of us know people really look forward to the multi-player aspect of the Modern Combat games. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation lets up to 12 players duke it out on 6 different maps using 7 different modes. Last but not least you’ve got the leaderboards which are very important in a competitive game like Modern Combat 3.

Like a lot of other people, I’ve been waiting to check this game out and plan on giving it a go very soon. It should be an excellent game, but if you have space issues on your phone you should be aware that you’ll need to download a whopping 1.73 gigs of files to get up and running. I’ll have a full review on this one later in the week, until then you can head on over to the market and pick up Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for $6.99.

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