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Monkey Around with Mac Hunter from Deonn Games

by On


Deonn Games is best known for their popular Asteroid Defense games, and their latest Android game is definitely different as Mac Hunter is about a treasure hunting monkey. Mac loves treasure and you’re going to help him get it all as you swing around some great looking levels. The control scheme behind Monkey Around has been dubbed “Jump and Hang” gameplay, and that moniker suits the game nicely. To move Mac around you simply need to tilt your device right or left to swing and tap to jump towards the next vine until you get to the treasure chest which advances you to the next level. Mac Hunter has 10 levels for you to swing through along with 2 bonus levels if you can manage to snag 3 stars in every level. There aren’t many options, but you do get a few power-ups like pepper (speed), feathers and time-slowing mushrooms. You are able to calibration your accelerometer and sensitivity  as well which is a nice touch and one of those features a lot of games still tend to leave out for some reason.


While I just briefly went through the game Mac Hunter seems like a neat little time-killer that definitely has a unique control scheme. There aren’t many levels, and no real extras to speak of, but the graphics are great and hey… it’s free. If you feel like monkeying around for a bit you can head on over to the market and pick up Mac Hunter for free.