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Monkey Boxing brings Pugilistic Primates to Android

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monkey.boxing-androidBoxing games are always a great way to kill time, but good Android boxing titles are few and far between. None of them involve monkeys either. Monkey Boxing is the latest title from the fine folks at Crescent Moon Games, and if you’re in the mood to play around with pugilistic primates, it’s just the thing for you. monkey.boxing-1Monkey Boxing pits you against the best boxing monkeys in the world as you attempt to take on opponents in the Monkey Boxing League. The controls are as simple as it gets; you’ve got a button to punch, and another one blocks. You can string together combos by tapping the punch button, and break your opponents guard by timing your attacks. Those are your basic moves, but there are a few other “super moves” that come into play with Round Resolution and Challenges. The challenges are simple, but entertaining as you have to rotate a button quicker than your opponent and it makes the monkeys look like two kids slap boxing. As you progress through the MBL and beat down other chimps, you’ll become more powerful and get to unlock quirky new gear. monkey.boxing-2It’s been a slow week for gaming, but I was pleasantly surprised by Monkey Boxing. You don’t have to be skilled to have a good time with the game, the graphics are sharp, and well – it’s a game about monkeys that box. Nuff’ said. No free version is available at this time, but the full version of Monkey Boxing can be yours for only $2.99.

Monkey Boxing