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The app market is an ever changing festival of modern ingenuity.  It has made thousands of people into minor inventors and invited a host of people to develop applications for mobile phones that have helped to make the common phone into an all-round personal assistant.  There is currently an array of exciting new apps about as well as a host of app based versions of your favourite websites. Many would go as far as saying that the eBay app is one of the best apps around and an improvement on the site itself due to the inherent functionality of having both camera and site on your mobile phones.  Instead of having to upload photos, from your phone or camera onto your laptop, you can just take a photo and put the article up for sale.  All of the hassle in between is stripped away, and what’s more it’s far easier to run your eBay shop when you have immediate access on your phone. You can deal with all of your communications more readily and you can monitor potential purchases with ease. eBay seems to perform at its best when it has that immediate and accessible nature and the due to the fact mobile phones have cameras – your cutting out that tiresome uploading stage of the selling process. Badoo is a kind of social networking app that encourages people to build social relationships by finding them in the direction of like-minded folk.  It will pinpoint and share details of Badoo users in the vicinity and could be a vital tool for anyone who has moved to a new area and is looking to make friends. ESPN Goals is becoming the app of choice for viewing Premier League goals on mobile phones.  If you’re out and about and want to catch up on your team’s progress, you can see the goals and get insight into the game via this well publicized and popular app. Apps are a must these days, they are so helpful and convenient. It is criminal to not have an up to date phone so you can use the latest apps, visit if you’re in the UK and need to upgrade.

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