Motorola Announces the New FLIPOUT with MOTOBLUR

In an announcement today, Motorola revealed the latest addition to its European Android lineup, the FLIPOUT. The compact, square-shaped FLIPOUT has a pivot screen that swivels around to reveal a five row QWERTY keyboard. Its slim and compact design are the most notable features about Motorola’s latest Android phone. In addition, it runs Android 2.1, 2.8 inch touch screen display, 3MP camera, 512 MB onboard memory (but it comes with a 2GB SD card) and its memory is expandable to 32GB via SD card. The FLIPOUT measures out at 67.00 x 67.00 x 17.00 mm. It even comes in a few different colors depending on your personal preference. Or if you want the phone to match your mood, you can purchase several battery covers and switch them to the color of your choosing. Another notable feature of the FLIPOUT is Motorola’s native software dubbed MOTOBLUR. Down to the core, the FLIPOUT is a social networking beast of a phone as it runs MOTOBLUR which aggregates content from social networking services such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail, email, and From these services, MOTOBLUR delivers contacts, posts, photos, and comments all to the home screen. It even backs up all data to a secure server in case something happens to the phone. Even though the camera is mediocre at best, MOTOBLUR allows users to upload photos and videos to social networking websites easily. It seems like this phone will be a hit with the teenagers in Europe, but I can’t imagine many businessmen carrying about this smartphone. The FLIPOUT with MOTOBLUR will be available in Europe in Q2 of 2010, but the price has not yet been released.

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