TmoNews got hold of an internal screenshot leak which features the pricing of various T-Mobile handsets. Most notably on the list are the Motorola Charm and Samsung Supersonic. Basically, the Motorola Charm is a smaller Android phone with mid-range specs that is designed for social networking addicts. The phone hasn’t been confirmed by T-Mobile, but with pricing already leaked, I’m sure T-Mobile will confirm the phone shortly. The Motorola Charm, on a two year contract, will cost $75 after a $75 MIR. If you prefer to purchase the phone off contract, it will set you back $269. For a mid-range Android smartphone, $75 makes sense and is an affordable alternative to the heavy hitters. I’m sure we will hear an official confirmation by T-Mobile about the Motorola Charm soon enough. The second phone with pricing detail is the Samsung Supersonic. This phone is rumored to be the codename for the Samsung Vibrant, which is simply the Samsung Galaxy S. The reason behind assuming it is the Vibrant is because the pricing of the two phones match up. On a two year contract, the Supersonic will cost $199, after a $50 MIR. Off contract, the Supersonic will set you back $499, which also lines up with the off contract pricing we have heard about the Samsung Vibrant. There is always the possibility that the Supersonic is a different phone, but for now I am going to assume it is the Vibrant.

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