Motorola Droid 3 Costs $199 On Contract, $459 Off-Contract

At this point in time, we finally know everything there is to know about the Motorola Droid 3 without Verizon Wireless actually announcing the upcoming Droid smartphone.  Droid-Life has learned that the price point for the Droid 3 is $199 with a two year contract and $459 as the full retail price.  Both of those numbers shouldn’t really surprise any potential customers, as the Droid 3 comes loaded with great specs to cost $199, but lacks 4G LTE, which keeps it from reaching $249 or even $299. On July 7th, the Droid 3 will launch for Direct Fill only and will come on July 14th through all retail channels as well as third party vendors.  Unfortunately, unless you are already grandfathered into unlimited data on Verizon, new customers won’t be able to purchase the Droid 3 and avoid tiered data, which is set to go live tomorrow.

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