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Motorola Droid Extreme to be the first device with froyo pre-installed

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The best selling smart phone running on Android platform, Motorola Droid is all set to make it’s comeback with Motorola Droid Extreme, previously known as Shadow. We know you love the new name, so do we, but the surprise does not end there, DroidLife has some really cool pics coupled with a very impressive spec-sheet of the latest phone from the Droid brand. Did I say Brand? Well, it really is a brand (a big one) considering how much Droid changed Android’s fortunes. So, here you go. The Droid Extreme will be the first Motorola Android device that will comes pre-installed with the Froyo, version 2.2 of Android. This will be the official Android release without Motoblur this time. You really wanted it, didn’t you? Droid Extreme Other details about the phone were are also known. There is a dedicated camera button in the Droid extreme and knowing that, it would not surprise me if the camera gets massive improvement in the Droid’s new phone. It would be reasonable to expect at least an 8MP camera, already found in HTC EVO and Sony Xperia X10 Android devices. Another new feature will be available in the form of ‘HDMI out’ which is also a welcome addition. Droid Extreme Side View Tipsters have defined the body as “very metal”, but the phone looks very sleek ans stylish. It looks very slim in the pics and we are waiting to hear the dimensions. Could outsell the iPhone again. What do you think? I gotta say it. I really thought the HTC EVO was the best Android device to date, but now it looks like it is not the only contender for the best Android phone title. It looks like Android is making a strong buzz, of late. As phone makers such as HTC and Motorola keep churning out such elegant phones, Android keeps gaining more momentum. Apple’s iPhone is starting to be overshadowed by all the great phones now shipping with Android. I had my doubts that Android would take the smart phone industry by storm so soon, but thanks to the phone manufacturers and the growing fan base, Android seems unstoppable. Via Droid-Life