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Motorola Droid Pro Pre-Order Begins November 9, Could Sell for $179

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The Motorola Droid Pro is a pretty nice Android smartphone marketed towards business users who like the form factor of BlackBerry devices but would like to try the Android OS. According to a few recent leaks, it looks like pre-order for the Droid Pro could happen as early as November 9, while the pricing of the device seems to be $179 on a two year agreement or $479 off contract. If you pre-order the Droid Pro between November 9 and November 17, your Droid Pro will begin to ship on November 10 or 11 and you won’t have to wait until November 18 to receive it. November 18, by the way, is the expected launch date for the Droid Pro. Now in terms of pricing, the Droid Pro is rumored to sell for $179, which is only $20 less than the typical $199 for new smartphones. Of course, none of these details have been confirmed by Verizon Wireless at this time, so please take this information with a grain of salt, but it does look pretty legit.