Motorola Droid Slider Rears Its Ugly Face

If these blurry pictures are to be believed, then there is a good chance Verizon Wireless’ next addition to the Droid lineup might just be a mid-range slider phone. There isn’t any Verizon branding on the phone as far as I can tell, but the image shown above features the red-eye animation associated with the Droid brand on Verizon. It looks like the phone slides up to reveal a portrait style QWERTY keyboard that looks awfully similar to the Motorola Charm and the Palm Pre Plus. Additionally, it has four soft touch buttons just under the screen, a feature typical of Android smartphones. Typically, the Droid brand is only associated with high end devices i.e. Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Eris, HTC Droid Incredible, Motorola Droid X, and the Motorola Droid 2. Perhaps Verizon is looking to add a mid-range device to its lineup and try to feed off Droid popularity. I’m sorry but the images don’t look all that appealing. As much as I’m a fan of mid-range devices, I’m hoping this Motorola phone looks better in its official press images, if it indeed turns out to be a legitimate device. Personally, I’m hoping the unknown Droid phone is something like the Motorola Charm except on Verizon.

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