Motorola Droid X Arrives Early?

It seems a few lucky people in Texas received the Motorola Droid X a whole nine days before the scheduled launch date. Since Verizon did not allow pre-orders on the Motorola Droid X, it’s hard to understand why or how did at least three people receive the highly anticipated Motorola Droid X so early. It seems that if you inquire enough about the product, and the sales rep happens to be working on a Friday (or is about to get off from work) he/she will be more likely to send your phone right away. Interestingly enough, one person called 10 days ago, receives a call back from the sales rep a week later, and receives a Droid X today! Talk about being lucky. Now if only I could get my Moto Droid X to come in early, but whenever I try to call or pester sales reps about the Droid X, all I get is a boring “You will have to wait until the phone launches on July 15.” I guess it’s time to reconsider the pre-order Best Buy is allowing once again. Anyway, it does seem to be an isolated incident, so I wouldn’t constantly keep calling Verizon in hopes of somehow ordering the Droid X early.

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