Motorola Droid X Now Shipping By July 27

It looks like the Motorola Droid X exceeded even Verizon’s launch expectations because the shipping date has been pushed back even further to July 27. Just a few days ago, Verizon Wireless was shipping the Droid X by July 23 and now the date sits at July 27. On the launch day, we reported that Verizon was already selling out through its online store and brick-and-mortar stores. Hopefully Verizon can keep up with demand because it’s a very hot device and Big Red keeps on pushing the advertising campaign. The last thing consumers want is for the Motorola Droid X to end up like the HTC EVO 4G or the HTC Droid Incredible where delays keep on piling up. In fact, it’s pretty hard to find the HTC EVO 4G available. But in related news, Verizon’s ship date for the HTC Droid Incredible is now August 3, so hopefully Verizon is straightening things on the Incredible front.

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