Motorola DROID XOOM To Feature Optional LTE Modem

Yesterday, news broke over Motorola’s name for its upcoming tablet, that is running the latest iteration of Android (Honeycomb), the DROID XOOM. The only downside to the DROID XOOM, based on what is already known, is the fact that it won’t ship with a LTE radio. However, AndroidandMe is reporting that owners can implement an LTE modem into the DROID XOOM using its PCI expression expansion slot. Since Verizon’s LTE network is only available in about 38 markets so far, it would be unfair to require every XOOM purchaser to pay an additional fee for LTE usage when it isn’t even available where they live. By offering the ability to use an LTE modem with the XOOM, customers can make their own decision whether the additional fee would be worth it or not. Interestingly, Verizon Wireless has lined up commercial time in the Super Bowl on February 6 for the Motorola Tablet, therefore, the tentative launch date is February 14. Many things could change last minute, but I expect the tablet to launch sometime in February. While we are all getting ahead of ourselves and grimacing at the thought of a Motorola tablet without LTE compatibility, remember to consider the logic behind Motorola and Verizon’s thinking. Lastly, AndroidandMe is also reporting that the latest iteration of Android (Honeycomb) is likely to be Android 2.4 and not Android 3.0. They have seen people access their website using phones running Android 2.4, giving rise to the possibility that Honeycomb testers are accessing their website. Of course, we will learn more about the correct version of Android in CES when Motorola announces the Tablet.

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