Motorola Honeycomb Tablet to be Launched in CES 2011

With the Samsung Galaxy Tab already established as a close competitor of the Apple iPad, it’s now Motorola’s turn to stage a challenge by releasing their own Android tablet. Still with no official name, Motorola went ahead and gave us a teaser video of their teaser video which is scheduled to be launched during the CES 2011 happening on January 6 2011. In the said teaser video, Motorola gave us a look at the evolution of the tablet, starting from Egyptian Hieroglyphic Tablet, the Rosetta Stone and up to the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. The video features a short caption of what each of these tablets are – in a negative way. Yes, dear folks Motorola subtly attacked its two would-be competitors – the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab – pointing out each of these tablet’s main flaws. So, for the iPad Motorola has this to say – “It’s like a giant iPhone…but it is a giant iPhone.” Pertaining to the fact that the iPad and the iPhone have similar features. ¬†While for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola’s teaser video has this to say – “Android OS…but Android OS for a Phone.” Then Motorola ended the clip with a cloaked in black image of their upcoming Android tablet being approached by a bee. So, what do you think folks? Was the attack on iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab a clever marketing strategy? Or will this lead to the Motorola Tablet’s demise even before its release? Can the Motorola Tablet offer something different and better than the iPad and Galaxy Tab? That we will find out by January 6, 2011. Are we excited or not? via [SlashGear]

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