Motorola Likely to Upgrade Xoom to 4G LTE in September

The Motorola Xoom is still notably missing 4G LTE connectivity, even though Verizon Wireless promised an upgrade from 3G to 4G LTE back when the Xoom originally launched. The Xoom was previously touted as the first tablet with 4G LTE support on Verizon’s network, but it looks like that claim will go to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE in a mere two days. According to Droid-Life, Motorola is expected to upgrade the Xoom to 4G LTE in September. Owners of the Xoom 3G on Verizon are reportedly receiving an email from Motorola claiming they will upgrade the Xoom in September, and more instructions are to follow on how to send in your Xoom for an upgrade. At this point, we just hope Motorola will finally make good on their word and add the coveted 4G LTE radio to a tablet that deserved it months ago.

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