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Motorola Moto X confirmed, Will be Built in the USA

by On

motorola moto x Motorola Moto X, the next high end smart phone from Motorola was confirmed by the big boss himself, Dennis Woodside, HelloMoto’s CEO. This baby will be built in the US of A, this marks a premiere from all the “Made in Cambodia” previous stuff. For the US market, Motorola Moto X will be built in a former Nokia factory in Fort Worth Texas. For the rest of the world, business as usual, your Moto X will be “Made in China” or “Made in Brasil” by Motorola’s partner Flextronics, the equivalent of Foxconn, if you know what I mean. Twelve year old kids will build your smartphone, man! Just kidding, moving along with the news. Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside revealed the Motorola Moto X at D11, it was previously rumored as the X-Phone, but even “they” are wrong sometimes and they do talk a lot, aren’t they? Besides the official announcement, there wasn’t much else, i.e. no official specs, no tech details, no pictures, let’s see what THE MAN had to say about the Motorola Moto X, quote : “It’ll be the first Motorola smartphone built in the United States. It’ll be built in Texas — we’ll employ around 2,000 people. It’s right outside of Fort Worth in a 500,000 square foot facility that was previously used to build Nokia phones.” He also said that Moto X will be found everywhere, unlike in the past, let me quote again: “The Moto X is going to be broadly distributed — that’s a first for Motorola in a number of years. The support of the carriers has been fantastic.” He also made a funny remark about the new Moto X having 2 cool processors, I mean, high tech stuff folks, it ain’t no joking around here, and also he made promises about the battery life, having a team of highly trained  engineers working on the issue 24/7, funny if you ask me. The Moto X is expected to hit the markets this summer. Source: Motorola