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Motorola Titanium Tipped for July 24th Launch With Sprint For $149

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The Motorola Titanium is a ruggedized portrait QWERTY Android smartphone from Sprint that is expected to launch on July 24th.  According to a leaked Sprint promotional page, the Titanium is being billed as “Sturdy + QWERTY,” which is a pretty clever catchname if you ask me.  The Titanium has met military certifications for being able to withstand the elements, such as dust, vibration, shock, extreme heat, extreme cold, low pressure, and solar radiation. The Android 2.1 toting Titanium boasts a 5MP rear facing camera, Direct Connect (push-to-talk), 2GB of onboard memory, and WiFi connectivity.  In terms of pricing, the Titanium by Motorola will be on sale for $149.99 on a two year agreement. While everything seems to be in order regarding the Titanium, it is worth mentioning Sprint has yet to officially confirm this information.