Motorola X Phone

Motorola has decided to keep teasing us with tidbits of information about the X Phone, and we’re left to wonder what it all means. Made in the USA? Great for keeping jobs domestic. Available soon? That’s just mean, Motorola. You know we want that phone!

More than anything, we’re wondering about this customization claim of theirs. What does that mean? How thorough could the program be? We can hope for a lot, but let’s not assume too much. Yesterday we pointed out just why this could all be a dream come true. It’s all lining up the right way, but the dream of full customization still seems so far off.

What we want and what we’ll get will probably be disparate, but we don’t really know that. We still operate on innuendo, with people claiming to have knowledge of the situation. We can hope for the best, but we expect to see something much less.

Moto X Phone

What we want

If we had it our way, all the rumors would be true. The device was so built up, so thoroughly discussed, we have no real option but to be let down. If there could be one saving grace, it would be great customization. If we could build our own device, suiting our needs (whatever they may be), then the chatter about how good or terrible this phone is goes out the window. You could know 10 people with the “same” X Phone as you, but very different specs.

In our ideal environment, we go to the Play Store and build the exact X Phone we want.

In our ideal environment, we go to the Play Store and build the exact X Phone we want. Processor, RAM, memory, screen size, color, case materials; it’s all up for grabs! Like ordering a pizza online, whatever we add or take away changes the cost. If your X Phone with a monster processor and tons of RAM is lost or stolen, you can easily order another device. Maybe you don’t have the cash to replace that lost phone as it was, but you can always build another for a lower cost.

With so many different wants and needs flying around, the ability to completely alter the device silences many critics. A prominent complaint is the very anemic memory that comes on phones, or lack of SD Card slot. If I had the option to add memory, then my needs are satisfied. A faster processor takes care of many other issues like lagging game play, and a selection of screen sizes means no more wishing for moonshot phones that don’t exist.

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Via: Android Authority

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