The Motorola Xoom is expected to be available for $799 off contract when it launches in very near future. However, we do not know whether Verizon Wireless plans to subsidize the Xoom or not, as they refused to do it with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. But, we have some good news for those planning to purchase the Xoom when it launches, because Droid-Life is reporting Verizon Wireless may offer an on-contract price of $599. Being tied down to a contract ends up making the price close to the unsubsidized price, but if you plan on getting a data plan with your Xoom anyway, you may as well take the subsidized, on contract path. In semi-related news, the Motorola Xoom display units, pictured above, are beginning to show up in retail stores, making it likely the Xoom is going to launch soon.

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