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Motorola Xoom Receiving Android 3.2 Update, Enables SD support

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According to a report by Droid-Life, several WiFi Motorola Xooms are receiving the Android 3.2 update, which was alluded to by a Google engineer about a week ago.  Without any official confirmation from Motorola about the Android 3.2 update, we’re not sure how widespread the roll-out is, and there is a good chance that only a small amount of users are receiving the update at a time.  The new update brings about two long awaited features that are sure to enhance the Xoom tablet experience: zoom into apps and SD card support. The first update allows you to zoom into apps that aren’t necessarily capable of rendering from a smartphone screen size to the larger 10 inch screen found on the Xoom.  In addition, the second part of the update brings support for the SD card.  Many users believe that support for the SD card should have been included with Android 3.0 Honeycomb and not have to come as a separate update.  In any case, based on the blurry image you see above, it looks like Android 3.2 unlocks the SD card. Hopefully, the 3G version of the Motorola Xoom will begin to receive the Android 3.2 update soon as well.  We’ll keep you updated if any more information about Android 3.2 on the Xoom breaks.