Fans of Madfinger’s third-person shooter Dead Zone will be glad to know that the multiplayer version of the game dubbed Shadowgun: Deadzone is available now on Google Play. It’s currently in beta version and is available only for users with Tegra 3 devices. So, if you own the Asus Transformer, Google Nexus 7 or some other similar devices, you can grab the game right now and enjoy playing together with other players. Take note that the game is currently in beta version and the reason why it is released in such form is for Madfinger to iron out the kinks before finally releasing the game to the public. So, bear with the game if you encounter some bugs or lagtime. Although some of those who downloaded the game already claims that they don’t experience lag time at all, some of you may do encounter those kinks. Beta as it is, Shadowgun: Deadzone currently has 4 playable characters incuding – soldier, mutant, assassin, and dancer. There are two game modes available namely deathmatch and zone control as well as two maps – assembly hall and invasion. In addition, you will be able to use several weapons including attack rifle, machine gun, plasma rifle and more. I have yet to play the game on my Nexus 7. But judging on the screenshots, it looks like Shadowgun: Dead Zone is going to be a great game just like the first Shadowgun. If you have a Tegra 3 device, you can grab the beta version of Shadowgun: Dead Zone from Google Play for free.

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