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My Brute is coming to Android this December

by On

This December Android gamers are in for a treat as AMA in partnership with BulkyPix and Motion Twin are going to release My Brute into the Android market. If you’ve never heard of My Brute, it’s a combat based game that’s been a hit on the web and iPhone for quite some time with over 2 billion fights played. That’s a lot of fighting, and soon you’ll be able to join the fray. Assuming the Android version of My Brute stays true to the original, players will create their own character and deck them out with a slew of options to give their little dude or dudette a style all their own. After you’re done creating your fighter you get to choose a martial arts discipline then you’re good to go. My Brute has a strong RPG vibe as well; you’ll earn XP, train your fighter and get some pretty sweet power-ups in the form of special moves and animal sidekicks. The fighting itself is done through an automated system based on your characters stats and attributes, so your main goal is to practice and train to make your fighter the best of the bunch. That’s really just a basic rundown of the game and there’s a lot more to it like starting your own Dojo, unlocking weapons, and the ever-present social media aspect is there as well. While I haven’t played My Brute myself, I know lots of people with iPhone’s that have and they love the game. I’m sure Android users will feel the same when it arrives this December. As you can see from the screens the game may have a cartoony look, but the graphics are top-notch. No official date has been set, but we’ll give you an update as soon as they let us know. Until then you can check out their site, and prepare yourself for battle this December. My Brute