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Name that SuperHero in Pixel Perfect for Android

by On

Some folks like their Android Apps & Games with stunning 3D graphics while other prefer a Pixelly approach as they consider Pixels perfect. Square-One’s Pixel Perfect will show you the perfection behind the pixel as you’ll try to guess Pixelated SuperHero’s  as they pop up on the screen. Pixel Pefect is a guessing game where you’re given a pixelated superhero and have to guess their identity. The rules are simple as you’re given 4 choices per character, and if you miss one you’ve got to start all over again. If you’re a comic fan you’ll have no problem guessing most of the characters you see, but half the fun is just seeing the characters in their pixelated glory. Characters in the demo range from Kirby, Harley Quinn, Wolverine, and the Hulk. There are only 15 characters in the demo of Pixel Perfect so it’s rather short but it is just a demo so keep that in mind if you give it a run. Pixel Perfect is a nice little game and I could see it doing well with Comic fans once a few changes are made. The game obviously needs a lot more characters and we’ll definitely get those in the finished product, but I also think the game needs to be randomized instead of going back through the characters in the same order. The multiple choice makes it a little too easy as well, but the developer already has plans to do away with that by adding a text field to let you type in the answer instead of choose one. As I dig all things Superhero (and pixels) I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product when it’s released. If you’d like to check it out you can pick up Square-One’s Pixel Perfect on Google Play for free.

Pixel Perfect