Natural Motion Games releases Horse Simluator called My Horse for Android

Like Horses? If you do then you’re in luck as Natural Motion Games has just released a new Android game by the name of My Horse. It’s a bit of a departure for Natural Motion Games as their previous releases were Jenga and NFL games, but it’s a fun departure nonetheless… My Horse is all about the horses as you’ll help Dan the Stablehand take care of his prize horse by doing all that horsey maintenance entails. You’ll have to groom, feed, and treat your horse to build a bond between you and as you progress in the game you’ll be able to enter competitions and buy more horses. My Horse is an energy based game where you’ll have to perform tasks to keep your horse happy & health and those tasks will level you up and cost you a bit of go juice. The tasks seem to vary from entering competitions to simple grooming tasks, and I know there are a few simple mini-games as I just trained my horse in jumping right before writing this article. While I’ve really just scratched the surface of My Horse it seems to be a solid game, and it’s a great looking game as well. There are a few other games of this nature out there, but My Horse blows them all away with its crisp graphics and solid presentation. As a lover of all simulation games I’ll check this one out a little better over the weekend and report back next week with a quick review. If you’re into horses My Horse is a game you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at and you can get it for free on Google Play. Natural Motion Games

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