NBA Jam and FIFA 12 by EA Sports Now Available for Android

Android gamers will surely be pleased to know that two great EA sports games have just been made available on the Google Play (the app store formerly known as the Android Market). These two EA games are NBA Jam and FIFA 12.

NBA Jam offers 3 modes of play namely, Play Now, Classic Campaign, and Local Multiplayer. In Play Now, you’ll be able to select a team and jump into the ballgame right away. Classic Campaign requires you to beat all other team to win the championship, unlock legends and hidden players. And in local multiplayer, you’ll be going big head to big head against your friends over local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. For soccer fans, you’re probably aware of this game as its probably one of the best if not the best soccer games for mobile devices. FIFA 12 is a feature-rich game containing more than 22 officially licensed leagues, 500+ licensed team and more than 15,000 players. Both NBA Jam and FIFA 12 are available from Google Play for $5. Via [Google Play]

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