Whether you love or loathe Seth MacFarlane, the guy is everywhere and there’s basically no escaping his presence. Talking Ted for Android is a good example of that as NBC Universal has just unleashed the official Talking Ted app to promote MacFarlane’s upcoming movie about the talking bear. In case you’re not familiar with the upcoming flick, Ted is about a man (Mark Wahlberg) and his teddy bear who just happens to be alive thanks to a childhood wish. The Ted in the android app is interactive and when you touch him or an icon he will react and it’s actually pretty damned funny. Ted will smoke, he’ll drink, and even do a little dirty dance. You can also make a video of Ted doing things and send it to your friends or family if they have a good sense of humor. He doesn’t do as much as some of the other talking apps, but what he does do he does very, very well. This is hands down the best looking talking animal app I’ve seen and the animations are truly top-notch.


Talking Ted takes the talking animal apps to a whole new level. If you want something cartoonish look elsewhere as Ted looks just like the Ted in the upcoming movie. I’m honestly not even a big Seth MacFarlane fan as I think Family Guys gone downhill a bit, and his “voices” are starting to run together for me. Still not sure if I’ll see Ted the movie, but I’ll definitely keep Talking Ted on my phone to show my friends. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up NBC Universal’s Talking Ted for free on Google Play.

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