Nelphy Games releases Christmas Slice for Android

Nelphy Games dropped a Christmas themed version of their popular game Sliceween into the market this morning in the form of Christmas Slice. That little bat is back, and this time he’s wearing a Santa Hat. Can you help little batty steal Santa’s presents or will you send him home to his fiancée empty handed on Christmas day… As with Sliceween, your goal is to get Batty to the presents by slicing a series of boards with your finger. Generally, you’ll slice the boards, hit the presents and drop into Santa’s sleigh or a nearby chimney. It can be tricky as you’ll need to keep an eye out for hanging Christmas lights (bats hate those) and other obstacles, but you will get a little bet of help along the way from teleporting stockings. Christmas Slice also has a lot of levels with 60 levels spread out across 3 themed worlds. You’ll get to collect presents outside, inside, and from up on the rooftop. Christmas Slice is a fun Christmas themed time killer with lots of levels and plenty of fun. If you enjoyed Nelphy’s Sliceween, you’ll definitely get a kick out of Christmas Slice and its family friendly which means kids and adults can both play. If you’d like to get your Slice on’, head on over to the market and pick up Christmas Slice for free.

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