Net Mobile AG unleashes Bomb the Zombies for Android

Net Mobile AG has brought several solid Android games to gamers with titles like Magic Bowling and Greedy Pigs, just to name a few. Well, they’re back again with a new game called Bomb The Zombies where you’ll get to destroy Zombies buildings so you can save the innocent. Bomb The Zombies takes place in a world overrun by Zombies, and the undead just happened to be occupying buildings you’ll need to clear. You’ll do this by taking the buildings down which will crush the zombies inside. Basically it’s similar to Angry Birds but with Zombies and your tossing things head on instead of flinging from the side. Tossing the bombs or other weapons is as easy as flicking your finger although I do feel like the aiming could be improved a bit as the grenades didn’t always seem to go where I was looking to send them. Bomb the Zombies offers up 90 levels set across 6 different areas with more promised to be on the way. As for extras, it’s a little light in that department; you are asked about Scoreloop when first starting things up but that’s about it for the extras.


Bomb the Zombies looks to be a solid physics game with nice, crisp graphics and a cool style. There are quite a few games out there that play very similar to this one, but just change up the weapons or setting. Just because a game isn’t original doesn’t mean it isn’t fun though, and I’ve had a good time quickly blowing through some levels in Bomb the Zombies. If you’ve got an appetite for destruction or just like a good Zombie game you’ll probably want to check this one out. You can pick up Net Mobile AG’s Bomb the Zombies for free on Google Play.

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