Nevosoft has become well known for creating immersive hidden object games, and they’ve just released another cool one called Magic Academy: Part One.  Their newest title involves a mystery, a missing sister, and an Academy full of quirky characters and magical objects. Mysterious events are afoot as a young wizard has disappeared from the Higher Academy of Arwindale. You play the wizards sister and it’s your job to find your sister and unlock the mystery behind her disappearance. The game takes place in the Academy where you’ll travel to different locations on the search for clues about your missing sister. You’ll basically go to different areas, and have to find a set amount of objects in a certain amount of time. You can use the pinch/zoom feature to get a closer look at the rooms and there are also hints available if you need them. There are a few options to tweak, and around 18 different achievements to unlock, but I’m unsure of how many levels/locations you’ll get to visit in the game.


Magic Academy looks to be a good hidden-object game, and if you’ve played any of Nevosoft’s other titles you’ll definitely enjoy this one. I’m not sure how many levels you get in the “free” version, but you can buy the upgrade/full game for $2.99. If you’re ready to solve the mystery of the disappearing sister head on over to Google Play and check out Nevosoft’s Magic Academy: Part One.  

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