News about Google testing out a new music player Android app started spreading during the time when the Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS came out. The version of the music player for Honeycomb looks quite different from the current version of the music player for most Android smartphones and so many Android fans are looking forward to getting the same music player app on their devices. Well, that time may have come now via the unofficial way as some folks accidentally got it from a newer version of the Android Market that accidentally appeared on their devices. So, being the good nature that they are, those folks have shared the .APK files of the said new Android Music Player for all of us curious onlookers to grab and test on our devices. I was able to download the file and successfully installed it on my Nexus One. And guess what? The Android app is running pretty great. One of the nicest feature that the music player app that the current version doesn’t have is the “Recent” tab when browsing music albums. The album artwork is displayed in a cool scrolling wheel which is almost similar to how the album arts are displayed on the iPhone iPod app. Another new feature which is said to be Google’s Android to the Amazon music cloud streaming service is of course the Android Music Player app’s ability to stream Google music on your Android phone. Unfortunately, no one has made this feature work yet. Overall, the new Android music player looks much better than the current music player for Android smartphones. After exploring the app a bit, I’m convinced I’ll use the app more often. But first, I need to get a bigger SD card for my Nexus One to hold my music files. I could probably use Music With Me to synch all my music files on iTunes to my Android phone. You can download it here.  Please share your experience with the app. via Business Insider

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