The folks at Rovio, developer of the cult series Angry Birds have just released an update of their popular game for Android. There are two new things that you should look out for in case you update your Angry Birds installation on your Android phone – in-app SMS purchase and a preview of the upcoming Rio game which will be shown in a commercial spot during the XLV Super Bowl opening. The commercial spot for the preview of the Angry Birds Rio will bring in the new level of Angry Birds. This is pretty cool and will be embraced by millions of Angry Birds players worldwide. But the problem is if you update to the new version of Angry Birds Android app, there is something about the terms and conditions that was modified. This has something to do with allowing Rovio to open up your Android phones SMS facility. If you agree to this new term, your phone’s SMS facility will be used for in-app billing instead of your registered credit card account on the Android Market. This means that if you agree to purchase through in-app system, your mobile data plan will be charged instead of your credit card. This created an uproar to many Angry Birds players worldwide. Right now the in-app SMS payment facility is available to Finnish Android users. These players can purchase in-game content through the Bad Piggy Bank icon that will appear inside the game’s settings. Purchases will then be charged through operator billings. There’s no words yet on when this will be available worldwide. But if it becomes available are you willing to grant SMS permission to the new version of Angry Birds? Or will you let this update pass because of this change to billing arrangement?

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