New App Allows Piloting A Drone With Google Glass Using Head Movements

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Google Glass has been around for quite a few months now and, while some people are still wondered by it, there are others who have been busy little bees and didn’t just explore it, but expanded its capabilities. Blaine Bublitz, a developer and co-founder of IcedDev, a coding company, used his extensive knowledge and did what he does best: using JavaScript, he came up with a code for piloting a quad-copter drone using the Google Glass. To be more precise, you can fly the drone by tilting your head.
Blaine Bublitz started his endeavor by first controlling the Shieldbot Arudino-based robot using the Leap Motion device (a controller designed for enabling you to interact with your computer by waving your hand). After that, he applied the idea to the Google Glass, using an application for “converting” the head gestures into directions that are delivered to the quad-copter drone. For now, the drone only knows pitch and roll movements, but Bublitz stated that, in the near future, he could also make the device rotate by improving its controller.
The application was created by Blaine Bublitz for the Nodebots Day, an annual happening dedicated to those who fancy robots that are controlled by the node.js, a JavaScript program.

I think the idea is pretty cool and this guy really deserves a good amount of appreciation, I might sound kind of idealistic, but the way technology evolves nowadays, I’d expect to have a thingy like that for sending it to bring my newspaper in the morning, or, more plausible, *accidentally* bump it into my hot looking next-door neighbor or something like that. But, on the other hand, I also see the whole robot-controlling gesture as being a little creepy, don’t you think ? Give this thing to a nutcase and see what happens.

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