New Chrome experiment ‘Cube Slam’ is a blast from the past

Cube Slam

Chrome experiments are just a load of fun, aren’t they? Whether you’re racing a car, playing skeeball, or navigating a maze, the Chrome team gives us tons of fun stuff to do.

This time, they went about as old school as you can get. Call it what you like, but Cube Slam is Pong. It is, of course, multiplayer if you like, but can also be played against a bear named Bob. The rough graphics have a very clean, sentimental quality to them. Of course, Chrome experiments are here to test out cool new features, not just get us to waste our work day.

Cube Slam utilizes our webcam to take a pic, then uses the image as our backdrop. As you can see in the picture above, the wall behind the paddle is a picture of Bob the Bear. If I were playing against friend, it would use their image, as Bob does with his bird friend in the video below.

The controls are dead simple to use. Just left and right to move, then spacebar to pause. If you navigate to another page, it also pauses the action and suspends the audio. Cube Slam really is a lot of fun, so make sure your monitor doesn’t face the doorway. At least pretend to work!

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Via: Android Authority

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